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Part 29—“Your Will Be Done on Earth” During the course of the centuries since the conflict between the king of the north and the king of the south began in the. The Greek Residency by Investment Programme is accessible and time efficient. Greek Golden visa program is not only simple and straightforward offering EU residence. 20/06/ · The meeting with the Eurogroup today concluded the discussion of the Article IV mission of the IMF with the euro area. This is a long-standing. Free Will in Scientific Psychology. 24/07/ · 17 июля года в день Столетия убиения Святой Царской Семьи в Ходить ли на Автор: The Church Of St. John Of Kronstadt. Volgograd. Russia.

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The most affordable Golden visa program in E. Golden Visa with a snap of a finger! Shortest application processing an organization can offer!

Golden Visa in 2 months. Free access to European and Schengen Countries! Secure your money by investing in Europe! Great investment opportunities. Golden visa for all family members.

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  • The door to the Western World. A simple solution. A simple program. Gaining Greek residence will allow you to move, live, work and travel across Europe visa-free! Currently Greece offers the lowest cost Golden visa program in Europe.

    Give yourself and your family the chance to live and flourish in the European ground! All you need is the ownership of the property!

    Golden visa can be renewed at five-year intervals and is valid for as long as the foreigner is the owner of the property. In Greece the ownership right is valid for a lifetime. Holders of a residence permit by investment can apply for the Greek Citizenship!

    The Greek Residency by Investment Programme is accessible and time efficient. Let alone all the great benefits of being a resident in a European country! Health-care and educational systems, developed technology, admirable art and culture, economic and business opportunities. In a few words, a civilized world to live in!

    RBI Europe. The cheapest Golden visa program in Europe! Real Estate Investment in Greece only by k per family!

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    Due to the 8 years of economic crisis, Greece has arisen as the biggest investment opportunity in EU. Professional guidance through the whole process. No worries. We are taking care of all the details for your Golden Visa process. A great investment.

    The net value of your investment will arise due to the upcoming economic growth after the crisis-era. Your chance to make the big step ahead….

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Residence is granted! The Investment can be the sum of several purchases. Due to the economic crisis, Real Estate market in Greece is considered one of the most attractive in E.

    That makes Greek residency program one of most cost effective Golden visa programs in Europe. Such priced properties range in size from approximately sqm to sqm and even bigger for pre-owned residences.


    The Real Estate Property must be owned by and be in possession of its owners. Joint ownership. Tourism — Acquire Golden Visa by Investing in resorts that are located in one of the most beautiful locations of Greece, one of the most beautiful countries in the world! Energy — Acquire Golden Visa by Investing in the Renewable Energy sector in a country with many solar and wind resources.

    After all, Greece is always sunny! A great house and a bunch of opportunities just on the other side of the Aegean Sea!

    Thank you for making this happen! My wife was sick and I was afraid to make all these changes. I thought leaving our home would affect her condition.

    I stood up and made the decision! The doctor said that the clean air and the sea breeze bettered her health. Thank you for giving us hope! I was afraid I would lose my money, so I decided to invest in Greece. Things are pretty complicated in Turkey. Some of my friends end up in jail. People are living Turkey they are really scared of what the future holds.

    I am safe now! I bought a house in Greece. These past two years were very difficult for us in Turkey. We made the decision to invest in Greece, so that we could move to Europe. Now we have a beautiful house and we leave the simply life we have dreamt of without the fear of the future.


    Buy an apartment, villa or house on the mainland or any of the Greek Islands. The required investment for the Golden visa is With the property market at its lowest, there are great opportunities.

    As a consequence of the economic crisis, many properties are strongly undervalued. Moreover, the investor can choose to invest in one of the most profitable sectors in Greece like tourism, renewable energy, food and beverage and many more.

    The investor must keep the property or the investment for at least 5 years. If the property is transferred before the end of the five-year term, the investor will lose the right to residence. You can live in your new property or rent it, even in Airbnb.

    A great idea is to buy a property that you can use or rent as a workplace. The main applicant is required to visit Greece in order to assign a lawyer as their legal attorney to represent them in court and notarize the relevant documents.

    The applicant is not required to be present during the submission of the residence permit.

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    There are no language requirements for the residence permit. However, if the investor would like to eventually apply for citizenship, then knowledge of the Greek language is required. In Greek culture, family is a fundamental value and the Golden visa program allows flexibility to include direct family members.

    RBI Europe through a network of established companies in Greece, brings together professionals from a variety of legal, immigration, real estate, financial and property management disciplines enabling us to offer sophisticated personalized advice in all aspects of the residence and citizenship processes.

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  • Learn More. Greece is the place to gain European Permanent Residency at the lowest cost while investing in exciting real estate bargain prices. Our team is your reliable partner always prepared to provide you with fast and top quality services. We hope it helps you develop a more comprehensive view of the Golden Visa Programme. Great investment opportunities Golden visa for all family members. Learn more about the Greek Residency Programme.

    Download Free Ebook Guide. Your chance to make the big step ahead… Residence is granted! Real Estate Properties in Greece.

    Investment Opportunities in Greece. Learn More about Investment Opportunities in Greece. They say about us. Golden Visa Program Summary.

    Investment Requirements. Investment Requirements Buy an apartment, villa or house on the mainland or any of the Greek Islands. Investment Time Frame The investor must keep the property or the investment for at least 5 years.


    Visit requirements during the application process The main applicant is required to visit Greece in order to assign a lawyer as their legal attorney to represent them in court and notarize the relevant documents. Visit requirements to maintain residence permit No minimum stay or regular visit requirements for the residence permit.

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    Language requirements There are no language requirements for the residence permit. Family members included in the application: Spouse Parents and parents-in-law Children who are under the age of After the age of 21 they can be granted an independent residence permit until they become Residency is the key to citizenship in Greece!

    Acquire Greek citizenship with 4 multiple ways: Those who wish to become Greek citizens but do not have Greek ancestors must have legally lived in Greece for a period of ten years within the last twelve years in order to qualify.

    If they are a refugee and do not have another nationality, then the law is somewhat more lenient and they are only required to have five years of residence in the last twelve years.

    A non-Greek applicant must have sufficient knowledge of the Hellenic history, language and the civilization in general. If a child is born by non-Greek parents who are legally living in Greece for a minimum of five consecutive years, the child can acquire Greek citizenship.